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Woolston Eyes Conservation Group Privacy Policy May2018

Due to a change in the data protection regulations our new privacy policy is intended to clarify how we collect, share, use and retain personal data and your rights in relation to your personal data.

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What information do we have about you?

How will your information be used by us?

When can we use your information?

How long will we keep this information?

Who do we share your information with?

Your choices in relation to the data we hold?

What Cookies does this site issue?

What information do we have?

By becoming a permit holder of Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve, the Woolston Eyes Conservation Group (WECG), hereafter ‘we’, collect and hold some information about you. This information includes the details requested in the permit application process, your name, your address and if provided your email address. Additionally if you are registered to Log-in to the website to upload material we use cookies to facilitate this function.

How will your information be used?

We only use your information to make contact with you personally or to facilitate your Log-in benefits on our website.

When can we use your information?

Where our use of your information is necessary for us to perform the contract or contracts that we have with you. The process of provision of annual permits, permit renewal notices, delivery of newsletters or annual reports and to facilitate the log in process on the website if you have registered to upload sightings and photographs.

How long will we keep this information?

We will keep your information for as long as it is necessary for us to fulfil the purposes we describe in this policy. We do as a general rule however keep your information whilst you hold a permit and as long as is necessary after you have ceased to be a permit holder until the access key provided with the permit or original permit for annual renewals is returned to the WECG.

Who will we share your information with?

WECG does not share your information with any other organisation.

Your choices?

You have a number of rights in relation to your information and how it is used. However, since the WECG do not undertake direct marketing or advertising to its permit holders or indirectly on its website, analyse your information or share your information with other organisations including the cookies we use to serve your log in benefits your choices are related to;

  • your right to access the information we hold on you
  • your right to correct errors in your information
  • your right to request we erase your information

Please note that your request to erase your information will impact our ability to maintain your permit beyond its expiry date and will cease your ability to log in to the website and upload any material. WECG reserve the right to hold your contact information so it can maintain contact with you until your return of the access key provided with the initial permit which remains the property of WECG.

What Cookies does this site issue?

This website doesn't use cookies if you're just browsing.

If you login to the website (to upload photos or details of sightings) we issue a small PHP Session cookie that "remembers" you are logged into the website as you browse from page-to-page. This is essential to the functionality of the site and does not track or share your data with third-parties.

You can contact us using the details below if you wish to make any changes to what information we hold, how we use it, if you wish to erase it or if you are concerned about any aspect of your privacy and information.


Post: Mr Brian Ankers, 9 Lynton Gardens, Appleton, Warrington Cheshire, WA4 5ED

Please add your permit number to any correspondence you send.

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